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Member: Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)

Website: www.bam.de

BAM President: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Panne

Primary Location: Berlin, Germany

Number of Employees at BAM:

Total: 1660 Permanent: 1060

BAM Mission: We ensure safety in technology and chemistry.

The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing integrates research, assessment and consultation in technology and chemistry under one umbrella. Technological change is a guarantee for our society’s prosperity. New technologies are the basis for the successful development of Germany as a business location and for value creation in global markets. Sustainable safety of new technologies creates trust in change and secures our future. At the cutting-edge of key technologies of materials science, materials engineering and chemistry, we make a crucial contribution to the technical safety of products, processes and to people’s life and work environment. For this purpose we carry out research and tests and provide advice based on our expertise and years of experience at the interfaces of science, technology, industry and politics.

WMRIF Representative:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Panne


Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

Berlin, Germany



High-Priority Materials R&D Topics: Reliable Additive Manufacturing, Safe energy transition (“Energiewende”, Material Development 4.0, Sustainable Infrastructure, Laboratory automation, and Recyclability by design.

Products and Services:

BAM, an internationally recognised centre of excellence for safety in technology and chemistry, offers business and research a unique range of measurement and process techniques in an interdisciplinary context. By working with the economically independent centre of excellence BAM, businesses can realistically and plausibly assess the safety of their products. Reliable and high-quality certificates, assessments, endorsements, documentation of testing and research confirm the conformity of products or machinery with the high standards of German quality culture. As a federal research institution, BAM is also a reliable partner for research projects relating to safety in engineering and chemical handling.

The services offered by BAM include; Reviews and Assessments, Licensing and Certification, Research and Development, Reference Materials and Round Robin Tests, and  Information Services.

Organizational Structure:


Annual Report: https://www.bam.de/_SharedDocs/EN/Downloads/bam-annual-report-2016-2017.pdf?__blob=publicationFile


Member: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Energy Research (MTA EK)

    Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science (MFA)

Website: www.energia.mta.hu/en

MTA EK Director: Dr. Ákos Horváth

MFA Director: Dr. Béla Pécz

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Number of Employees at MTA EK:

Total: 380  Researcher: 150

Number of Employees in MFA:

Total: 122 Researcher: 80

MTA EK: Research and development in the field of nuclear science and technology for facilitating the adoption and the safe use of nuclear technology in Hungary, to participate in international research efforts aiming at the establishing a new generation of nuclear power plants and closing the fuel cycle, to study the interaction of radiation with matter.

MFA Mission: Interdisciplinary research on complex functional materials and nanometer-scale structures, exploration of physical, chemical, and biological principles, their exploitation in integrated micro- and nanosystems, and in the development of characterization techniques.

WMRIF Representatives:

 Dr. János Volk

Head of the Laboratory

Nanoelectromechanical Systems -MFA Budapest, Hungary



 Dr. István Bársony Senior Scientific Advisor

Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Microelectromechanical Systems - MFA Budapest, Hungary barsony@mfa.kfki.hu


High-Priority Materials R&D Topics:

1D and 2D Nanomaterials

Functional Materials for Nano- and Microelectromechanical Systems

Piezoelectric Materials

Thin Solid Films

Products and Services:

MEMS/NEMS Laboratories (http://www.mems.hu/)

Ellipsometry (http://www.ellipsometry.hu/)

Organizational Structure: https://www.energia.mta.hu/e


Member: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

Website: https://www.llnl.gov/

LLNL Director: Bill Goldstein

Primary Location: Livermore, CA, USA

Number of Employees at LLNL:

 Total: 7386  Technical: 3279

LLNL Mission: Strengthening the United States’ security by developing and applying world-class science, technology, and engineering that enhances the nation’s defense, reduces the global threat from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, and responds with vision, quality, integrity, and technical excellence to scientific issues of national importance.


WMRIF Representatives: 

Dr. Glenn Fox

Associate Director

Physical and Life Sciences Directorate

Livermore, CA, USA



Dr. Robert Maxwell

Division Leader,

Materials Science Division

Physical and Life Sciences Directorate

Livermore, CA, USA




 High-Priority Materials R&D Topics:

Accelerating the adoption of new materials and manufacturing processes, with specific interest in the following areas:

Composites and Soft Matter: researching and developing solgels, polymers, ceramics, organic compounds, and low-density cellular materials such as aerogels.

Nanomaterial Synthesis: focusing on the design, development, optimization, and characterization of nanoscale architectures for a wide array of applications, including materials for energy storage and conversion.

Computational Materials Science: building versatile, massively parallel computing capabilities to investigate chemical, electronic, structural, and kinetic properties of materials.

Energetic Materials: specializing in the modeling and experimentation surrounding the development, characterization, and effectiveness of energetic and reactive materials.

Optical Materials: improving optical performance and extending the lifetime of optics while reducing unit cost.

Target Materials: developing novel materials and precision assembly and characterization techniques for experiments at the National Ignition Facility and other high-power laser facilities.

Actinides and Lanthanides: completing experimental and theoretical work to understand the structural, chemical, mechanical, magnetic, and electronic properties of 4f- and 5f-electron systems.


Organizational Structure: https://www.llnl.gov/about/organization


Member: National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

Website: www.nims.go.jp/eng

President: Dr. Kazuhito Hashimoto

Primary Location: Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN

Other Locations: Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN; Sakura, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN;

Kouto, Sayo-cho, Sayo-gun, Hyogo, JAPAN

Number of Employees:

Total: 1,541 Technical: 1,189 (As of April 1st, 2018)

Basic Policy: NIMS is Japan's sole National Research and Development Agency specializing in materials science. NIMS is charged with basic research and development of materials science, and to advance the level of expertise in the field.

WMRIF Representatives:

Dr. Kazuhito Hashimoto


Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN




Academic Collaboration Office

Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN




Fundamental research and generic / infrastructural technology research and development

Dissemination of research results and promotion of their applications

Shared use of NIMS facilities and equipment

Training of researchers and engineers


NIMS Nanotechnology Platform:


Facilities & Service Stations: (http://www.nims.go.jp/eng/infrastructure/station.html)

Organizational Structure:


Member: Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) CanmetMATERIALS (CMAT)

Website: https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/mining-materials/materials-technology/8234

CMAT Director General: Philippe Dauphin

CMAT Director of Operations: Wojciech Kasprzak

Primary Location: 183 Longwood Road South, Hamilton, ON, L8P 0A1

Other Locations: 3303-33 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB, T2L 2A7

Number of Employees at CMAT:

Total: 103         Technical: 47       Scientific: 28

CMAT Mission: The largest research centre in Canada dedicated to fabricating, processing and evaluating metals and materials. Scientific and technical staff in Hamilton and Calgary research and develop materials solutions for Canadian industry in the energy, transportation and metal-manufacturing sectors.

NRCan Mission: Natural Resources Canada seeks to enhance the responsible development and use of Canada’s natural resources and the competitiveness of Canada’s natural resources products.

WMRIF Representatives:

Phillipe Dauphin 

Director General,


Natural Resources Canada

183 Longwood Road South,

Hamilton, ON, L8P 0A1


Tel: 905-645-0698

Wojciech Kasprzak

Director of Operations,


Natural Resources Canada,

Government of Canada

183 Longwood Road South,

Hamilton, ON, L8P 0A1


Tel: 905-645-0697

High-Priority Materials R&D Topics:


Materials for Pipelines:

·         Design, materials, and construction of pipelines

·         Operation and maintenance of pipelines and related infrastructure

·         Materials for non-conventional pipelines (CO2, biofuels)

·         Upstream energy processing and pipeline infrastructure

·         Integrity of tank cars for oil and gas transportation

Materials for Transportation, Buildings and Industry

·         Lightweight structures

·         Powertrain materials

·         Heat energy management

·         Buildings and industry

Materials for Energy Production

·         Materials for advanced reactor systems

·         Safety and life-time extension of existing nuclear power plants

·         Materials and structures for handling and storage of spent fuels

·         Materials for other clean-energy systems

Emerging and Defence Materials

·         Armour materials and prototype development

·         Materials and technologies for shipbuilding

·         Emerging materials

·         Testing and evaluation methodology development

Products and Services:


·         Research collaborations

·         Technology solutions

·         Facility access

·         Non-destructive testing certification

Organizational Structure: