Documents from the 3rd WMRIF Meeting

The 3rd WMRIF General Assembly at NIST, USA in June 2009 for the first time was held in combination with a symposium on Materials Challenges for Clean Energy.

3rd WMRIF Meeting 2009 – Agenda (pdf)

 President’s address – Part 1 |  Part 2

Presentations of the Symposium on Materials Challenges for Clean Energy:

Special Topics:

NanoEHS – Presentation Dr. Debra L. Kaiser, NIST (Measurement Science and Technology for Nano-EHS Risk Assessment)

Synchrotron – Presentation Dr. Keisuke Kobayashi, NIMS (Applications of Synchrotron Radiation to Nano Materials Science: Activities in East Asia) 

Synchrotron – Presentation Dr. Altaf H. Carim, U.S. DoE  (Status and Further Development of Synchrotrons / Light Sources) 

Sustainability – Presentation Dr. Ichiro Daigo, University of Tokyo (Material Science & Technology for Sustainability)


Brief Summary of symposium Dr. Mike Simonson, ORNL

Report from the secretariat Dr. Masaki Kitagawa, NIMS


Working groups reports:

 Additional information:

Link to outlook of “materials for energy and environment”

Photos from Forum meeting at NIST