Past Events



The 2nd Asia-Oceania WMRIF was held on 17th-19th November 2010 by MTEC, Thailand. More detail...

  • KIMS-IMR-NIMS Joint symposium

    The KIMS-IMR-NIMS Joint symposium will be held on 28-30. It is expected this kind of institutial meeting will accelerate the activity of WMRIF, as all the participating institutes are WMRIF members. The Final circular is attached below.

    Final Circular (PDF)

  • 1st ASIA-OCEANIA WMRIF For Energy and Environment

    The meeting was organized in order to deepen mutual understandings among the materials research institutes in Asia and Oceania. At the meeting, 13 research institutes introduced their research activities and strategies in terms of Energy and Environment.


    Report of 1st ASIA-OCEANIA WMRIF (PDF)